Sandals has new and incredible deals

By Roger Wade | September 16th, 2008

Jamaican SandalsThis time of the year is when vacation packages are at their most affordable, but this fall continues to be exceptional, with even the stoic Sandals chain offering amazing deals: Up to TWO NIGHTS FREE at Sandals Resorts: Plus save up to 50%!

One of their current deals is that if you book as few as three nights at one of their resorts you can qualify for airfare credit of up to $550 per person. I don’t know the small print on that one, but I do know all these resorts are incredibly competitive right now, so each one has to offer more amazing deals than the other in order to fill rooms.

They are also offering $250 spa credits and several other promotions at the same time, so if one doesn’t suit you there’s a good chance that another one will. The deals are partly due to the active hurricane season so far, but most of that is really just unfounded hysteria since even in a busy storm year usually no Sandals are in the path, and the storms are mostly done by early October anyway. Enjoy the savings because around Christmas prices will double again.

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