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By Miss Julie | April 15th, 2009

couplebeachI am certainly not one of those people who expects to be showered in candy and jewelry on Valentine’s Day when I’m in a relationship. Nor am I one of those people who curls up in a ball under the covers and blocks out the world on February 14 when I’m single. But, I am one of those people who thinks Valentine’s Day is stupid, because really, shouldn’t you always celebrate your romance (like with a fabulous vacation)? And, I’ll take a romantic trip over a box of truffles any day of the week. Funjet Offers Romance Vacation Packages!
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With travel cheaper than it has been in years (thank you, horrible economy), taking a romantic vacation this year may not be just the thing your relationship needs, but also a lot easier on your checkbook than you imagined. With cheap tickets to Mexico aplenty and plenty of cheap hotels in NYC or other hot spots, there is no reason you won’t be able to afford a little romance in your life this year.

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