Ride in Style when you rent a Lincoln Town Car

By Bob | March 7th, 2007

lincoln_town_car_parts.jpgThink back to that time in the distant past where big cars were all the rage. You had to get your hands on an SUV, Hummers were treated with rose petals thrown on the streets and those wimpy little hybrids were simply used by granola eating Hollywood actors.

And then gas prices kept on going up. $2.00/gallon became a bargain when prices reached $3.00/gallon. Suddenly those wimpy little cars started to look more and more appealing and the big cars collected dust on the dealership lots. Rose petal covered streets were no more.

Gas prices continue to be an issue for many of us and that doesn’t change when you rent a car for vacation or business. If you don’t mind being a little cramped you can get an economy car that gets decent gas mileage. You’ll save money on the rental and on petrol. If size is your thing, you can fork out a little bit more for something spiffy like a Lincoln Town Car. You’ll pay more up front and more at the pump, but you’ll also look like one of those cool airport limo drivers and, really, what could be better than that?

Make your next rental a Lincoln Town car for only

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