Putt and Pamper Golf/Spa Vacation Packages

By Bob | April 2nd, 2007

slu_golf2.jpgI’d like to take credit for being the one who first said that golf is a good walk spoiled, but alas Mark Twain beat me to the punch. Twain sure did know what he was talking about. You can play golf on a beautiful day in a beautiful location with beautiful people around you and still think that the day was the ugliest day in the history of ugly days.

A few hooks here, a few shots into the water there and the next thing you know you are out a couple hundred dollars because you threw your nine iron into the pond. It happens to even the most patient of us.

After a tough round there is no better way to forget about that bogey on the 16th hole than a trip to the spa. The stress of your bad play will fade away as you are pampered like you have never been pampered before.

These are not super cheap, but if you are a golfer and you do like to relax before and after you play, you will want to check out the golf and spa vacation packages being offered through Travelocity.

Putt and Pamper Golf and Spa Resorts

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