Postcard Perfect Vermont Vacation Packages

By BootsnAll | March 19th, 2007

vermont-landscape.jpgThe postcard had to be invented because of Vermont. Many years ago a person must have been traveling through the state without a camera only hoping to share the beauty with her friends and loved ones back home. The spectacular Green Mountains, the charming little villages, the clear blue lakesĀ¦mere words could not do the state justice. She must have convinced someone to take a picture for her and to post it in the mail.

That is always how I envision Vermont. Having spent a lot of time there I see it as a state that is one incredible postcard picture after another. From the wooded mountains of the south to the trout streams in the middle to the quiet banks of Lake Champlain in the north to the remote reaches of the Northeast Kingdom, acre for acre Vermont is one of the most beautiful states in the country.

JetBlue currently has some nifty flight and hotel getaways that can help you to see the splendors of Vermont for yourself. You can fly into Burlington and stay at any number of quaint Vermont-like hotels.

You’ve seen the postcards, now go ahead and find the places where they were taken.

A Perfect Country Wedding: Charming lake-side wedding venue in the heart of the Vermont Green Mountains. Weddings of any size in any season. Acres of scenic mountain meadow with barn and farm animals surrounded by snow-covered countryside.

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