Memorable Memorial Day Getaways

By Bob | May 7th, 2007

memorial-day.jpgWhen you ask most Americans what their favorite holiday is there is a slim likelihood that anyone would choose Memorial Day. It doesn’t have the gifts of Christmas or the food of Thanksgiving or even the costumes of Halloween. It is a holiday after all to remind us of those who have died for the country. Hardly a reason to celebrate but it does have one thing that all of us can enjoy: the title of being the unofficial start of summer.

The summer months are, of course, the time when most Americans take a vacation. We go to the beach, to the moments and to Europe. We gas up our cars, fill the airplanes and have a grand old time away from home. It is a wonderful tradition and by all accounts the summer travel season this year will be the busiest yet.

You can kick off summer right by getting away for the Memorial Day weekend. Most of us get a three-day weekend for the holiday and that makes some of the vacation deals from Priceline especially tasty.

There is another reason to celebrate Memorial Day. It means we can all start wearing our white shoes again. Or is that after Easter? I always forget.

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