It’s like being in Venice only it’s in Vegas

By Bob | March 6th, 2007

venetian.jpgWhat does a city that is defined by its waterways have in common with a city in the desert where water is piped in from hundreds of miles away? Absolutely nothing, but that is the essence of Las Vegas where things are so absurd that no one would ever question why there is a Venice hotel in the city.

As you likely know, The Venetian hotel has a reputation as being one of Las Vegas’ more upscale sleeping quarters. It hosts no less than 19 restaurants, it has the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, a brand spanking new tower that is all about elegance in Sin City, and, oh yeah, a fair bit of gaming tables where you can make your fortune because daddy really does need a new pair of shoes.

Priceline is the place to go if you are looking for a trip to Venice without leaving the United States. For a limited time they are offering a 3-night air and hotel package at The Venetian for a very reasonable price. After you break the bank at blackjack your trip will be paid for and you’ll have more than enough money to fly to the real Venice.

Good luck and always bet on red.

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