Huge savings on Mexico vacation packages

By Miss Julie | May 27th, 2009

mexico see absolutely no need to pay full price for almost anything right now. The recession seems to have hit so many different kinds of businesses, that just about everything seems to be on sale these days. Last weekend I scored a great dress marked down nearly 75% from its original price. Tomorrow, I’ll save $200 on my travel plans with United’s deal right now that gives you cash back for trips you book. Yup. No strings attached, all you need to do is book your vacation and United will hand you a check just for deciding to go on vacation. Booya. Top 10 All-Inclusive Deals of the Week!
Take $200 off your package with promo code MEXCARGROW. Book by 6/15.

As it turns out the recession paired with the recent drug wars and swine flu freak out has dealt some hard blows to Mexico’s tourism industry. In fact, many of the resorts that were already having trouble filling their hotels with guests due to the poor economy are now having an even harder time coaxing people to come to Mexico. This is all good news for bargain hunters out there like me, who are now seeing huge discounts on flights, vacation packages and hotels in Mexico right now.

Thinking of heading to a resort or all-inclusive in Puerto Vallarta? Make sure you read 11 Things you should know about Puerto Vallarta. You can also check out the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta. It’s likely you’ll be able to find a deal at almost any of the resorts on the list right now.

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