Great Escape: Vacation Packages from Marriott

By Bob | March 27th, 2007

marriott-resort.jpgAs a cheap travel type of guy, I generally have very little loyalty. I don’t care which airline I fly as long as it saves me money. I don’t care how fancy the accommodations are as long as they are within my price range. I don’t care who rents me my rental car as long as it runs and doesn’t have a used baby diaper in the backseat when I pick it up (long story, best told at a later date). In short, I am the type of person that brand marketing folks hate.

That said, I do associate certain brands with good memories and if those brands happen to fit within my price range I may seek them out and supply them with my business. One of those brands is Marriott. My parents used to stay in them when I was little and as a result I got to sleep on many a Marriott folding bed when I was in my formative years. I think I also still have Marriott swimming pool water in my ears.

All in all, Marriott hotels and resorts do a fairly good job of providing comfort to the traveler. If you go to the Marriot Web site, you will also find that they have some vacation packages that are designed to help you escape whether you are escaping with the kids, from the kids, to play golf or to soak up some relaxation at a spa.

Great Getaways for less at Marriott

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