Great deals on packages to the Dominican Republic

By Miss Julie | November 18th, 2008

hammockbeach.jpgEven though summer may only be in the recent past, the colder weather makes it feel like ages ago when I could walk around comfortably in flip flops and a tank top. With so much winter still ahead of us, a vacation somewhere warm and sunny this winter may be exactly what the doctor order to lift my spirits and help me get through winter. With especially hot vacation deals to the Dominican Republic right now, you may be able to get a little warm weather fix this winter for a lot less than you imagined possible. Dominican Republic – La Romana Getaways

With not a whole lot in the news to get excited about (higher oil prices, an impending energy crisis, global warming and dying polar bears and expensive milk) maybe the only way to soothe your soul this year is by letting warm Caribbean water lap at your feet on a white sand beach. Plus, if this global warming problem is as bad as it seems it is (and it was 80 degrees in November in California last week), than maybe now is the time to visit this spectacular islands before they disappear under a rising ocean forever. That may not be the most optimistic outlook, but at least it’s good justification to work on your tan this winter.

The greatest part about traveling during rough economic times is that airlines and hotels are being forced to roll out big savings to attract customers. What does that mean for you? Hot travel deals and really cheap tickets to the best destinations. I mean, really it would be a unwise financial decision NOT to go on a vacation this winter with prices as low as they are. Right?

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