Get Yourself to Albuquerque, Jerky

By Bob | May 18th, 2007

albuquerque2b.jpgWhy did they decide to call it New Mexico? It is not like they came up with a newer, better formula like New Coke. Why not just call it North Mexico instead? And while we are at it, why did they have to name the biggest city in the state Albuquerque? Didn’t they realize that name is very difficult for those of us who are spelling impaired?

Thos are the only complaints I have about New Mexico and its biggest city. It is a lovely state with awesome scenery. Albuquerque is neatly situated at the base of the mountains and as such it offers some excellent outdoor opportunities like hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. The city itself has that cool Southwestern adobe building feel to it along with a little bit of grime. It is a fun place to explore and it is an easy shot from the very elegant Santa Fe and Taos.

Priceline has a good deal on flights and hotel stays in Albuquerque. The offer doesn’t last for long so if you have ever thought about checking out North Mexico, now is as good a time as any to get thyself to Albuquerque. By the end of the trip you might even be able to spell it without spellcheck. I wish I could.

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