Get up to $500 Cash Back or Free Car Rental with Cruise Purchase

By Bob | February 12th, 2007

excited-cruise.JPGThis is an excellent time to be shopping for a cruise vacation. The winter holiday crunch is well behind us and the summer busy travel season is still far enough away that the cruise lines and dealers are more than eager to offer you a deal so that they can entice you to float on the ocean on their ships.

Priceline is one of those dealers that are bending over backwards to get you on board. Not literally, because bending the Internet is kind of impossible, but figuratively they sure are. From now until February 28, you can receive up to $500 cash back when you purchase a cruise vacation. The longer the cruise and the more elaborate the cabin, the more money you can save. This is an especially good deal for those who would like to buy a balcony or suite but who are usually scared off by the normal prices.

The deal also includes the option of a free day’s rental car, which might come in handy for those taking shorter cruises.

The important thing to remember is that where there is smoke there is usually fire so other cruise deals are also being offered by the various competitors. We’ll do our best to highlight these in the days ahead while the cruise offers are hot, hot, hot.

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