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By Bob | March 13th, 2007

florence.jpgI’ll admit to being a little more than skeptical before I went to Florence, Italy. Everyone I have ever talked to who has been there has said that it is a special city. A place that is loved by so many, I thought, must be teeming with tourists and therefore a city that I won’t enjoy in the least. I was wrong.

I wasn’t wrong about the tourist part. There are more fanny packs per capita in Florence than there are anywhere else in the world. Every third vehicle is a tour bus. The constant sound of pictures being taken deafens the ears. Italian might be the third or fourth most widely spoken language in the city. In short, it is tourist central.

Even with this being the case, Florence is a must see for anyone even dreaming of going to Italy. The main sights will forever be full of tourists, but if you slap on a smile and wander aimlessly through the unmarked and unvisited streets you will fall in love with the city. You will love the pace of life, the food, the people and the architecture. That is a guarantee.

United Vacations has some deals on vacation packages in Florence that are worth checking out as your plan your adventure to the city that everyone loves.

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