Feel a Mile High in Denver, Colorado with these Vacation Packages

By Bob | March 20th, 2007

mile-high-club.jpgHere is a way to join the mile-high club without having to sneak off to a cramped airplane restroom while the rest of the cabin is watching a cheesy romantic comedy at 50,000 feet. Simply visit Denver, Colorado and enjoy the company of your significant other in the comfort of a bed, chair, swing, or whatever. After all, Denver is the Mile High City so by my calculations that means you will be in the club. Of course I am not president of the club so I don’t have the final word, but nevertheless a trip to Denver is well worth the effort even if you don’t get to hang out with airplane perverts.

Denver itself is a fine city with enough activity and nightlife to keep a traveler happy, but for my money the best reason to go to Denver is to use it as a gateway to the Rockies. Simply put, there are parts of Colorado that are so lovely they will make you cry with joy. Whether you like to hike, bike, raft, kayak or simply drive around and drool at every turn, Colorado is the place to go for outdoor fun.

Site 59 has some excellent deals on Denver vacation packages. Mile high club memberships are not included. They have to be earned. Just not on my flight, thankyouverymuch.

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