Experience Ectasy with a cheap Carnival Cruise

By Miss Julie | January 1st, 2009

caribcruise.jpgWith New Year’s Day marking the official end to the holiday season, you are probably starting 2009 with a hangover and the leftover stress from spending too much time with your family in close quarters. Now, you’d like nothing more than the chance to get away for a few days and to take your mind off of the madness. You, my friend, are in luck because Carnival Cruise Lines has some fantastic rates on cruises after the holiday season. Carnival Fun Ships Specials – Click Here

One of the best deals is on a Western Caribbean Cruise aboard the Ecstasy. They don’t name the ship after a mind altering drug for no reason. Just stepping on the boat will have you hugging strangers and sucking on pacifiers, while you dance to techno music and tell everyone how much you love them. It will make you feel that good. After scoring a great deal on cheap airfare you’re delight will be even more amplified, realizing that you’ve scored the travel deal of a lifetime.

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