Carnival offering big savings on European Cruises

By Miss Julie | March 16th, 2009

carnival-cruisesNow, just because when I think of a cruise I immediately think of Caribbean waters, palm trees and drinks with little umbrellas in them, this does not mean these are the only types of cruises out there. There are many cruises that allow you to kick back, relax and sail the high seas– all while getting to see sites that don’t involve sandy beaches (though drinks with umbrellas are always an option). If sailing the Mediterranean and checking out the best European sites sounds appealing, Carnival is now offering some fantastic deals on their European cruise lines. Four Fabulous Europe Cruises 12 days from as low as $1149!

With great deals on international airfare out there now, there is really very little reason not to pack your bags and head to Europe this summer. The struggling economy is making for some pretty unbelievable travel deals and with prices on flights to Europe nearly half of what they were last year, it may be hard to resist not packing your bags and heading out on a fabulous European trip this summer.

Headed to France in July? With the national holiday Bastille Day on July 14 as well as the Tour de France happening nearly all-month long, you are sure not to be bored taking in the sites (and tastes) this summer.

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