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By Miss Julie | June 3rd, 2009

hammock_beachI have found that I may actually be getting spoiled by this economic slow down. Yes, you read that right, spoiled by the bad economy. But when it comes to travel, the recession has just made hitting the road cheaper and cheaper. I have been consistently surprised at just how good some of the deals have gotten and with a little flexibility you can also score a great deal on all kinds of vacation packages. Checking many travel sites for their featured or daily deals can be a great way to do just that and Cheap Caribbean has consistently been rolling out some amazing deals with their daily deals updates. Discover Incredible Savings With Deal Of The Day

Between the bad economy, the recent swine flu scare and drug battles happening in many of the border towns, Mexico’s tourism industry has surely taken many hard blows this past year. But with a health clearing and so many beautiful beaches, it may be hard to resist heading to Mexico this summer. Especially with some deals that just seem too be true, it just makes financial sense to go on vacation. Right? Right.

Keeping flexibility at a maximum is usually the best way to get the absolute best deal on cheap flights and the even bigger discounts on cheap hotels.

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