Cruises just keep getting cheaper

By Miss Julie | June 25th, 2009

caribcruiseAnyone who has been up on any travel news lately knows that the industry as a whole is hurting and as a result, we’ve been seeing some pretty incredible travel deals lately. There are certain segments of the travel industry that are hurting more than othersthe Cruise industry being one of them. In fact, cruises all year have been hitting lower and lower prices to encourage travelers to hop on board. Since, cruising low season is summer, the change in season plus the bad economy have made for some truly ridiculous offers on cruises. SUMMER SALE OUT – Get up to $200 Cash Back + Free Stateroom Upgrades! Offer good through 6/27.

Not only will you get a great price on cruising vacation, but you’ll also get cash back and free upgrades? Even me, a non-cruise lover, is tempted by that offer. If cruising is really not your thing, no need to worry about still finding an amazing travel deal–whether it be on cheap airfare or a great price on a cheap hotel. In fact, you can still hit the beach for not a lot of money this summerwith other great discounts to be had in the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii as well.

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