Windstar Panama Canal Cruise: Caldera to Bridgetown

By Bob | November 29th, 2006

Don’t be confused when you see promotions for Central America cruises. The voyages do not actually feature stops in Ohio, Iowa and Indiana. They do feature stops in great ports in the other Central America. Places like Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

If you gave me a blank check and offered me the chance to take any Central America cruise on the market, the one I would likely choose is a 14-night Panama Canal cruise on Windstar. This cruise is all class. You start in Caldera, Costa Rica, as wonderful place as you can find in the Western Hemisphere. From there, you tour a bit of the Costa Rica coast before heading across the Panama Canal. Let me tell you, every person should go across the Panama Canal at least once in her life. It is still an engineering marvel. Just as a little tip, make sure you drink plenty of fluids while you are there. Panama is extremely hot and humid almost all year round.

Once you escape the Canal, you head out to the Atlantic and start hopping the Caribbean islands including Aruba, Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

All told, your 14-day cruise takes you to 9 different countries, through a manmade marvel and along some of the nicest water in the world. This one is definitely a keeper.

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