Cruise to Nowhere

By Bob | November 17th, 2006

Existentialists rejoice! Carnival Cruise Lines has a voyage that probably has Camus dancing in his grave. Billed as a Cruise to Nowhere, this short excursion takes you out to sea and then turns around and takes you home without stopping anywhere for sightseeing, etc. Carnival describes it best:

Where’s the best place for you to spend a few fun-filled days? Nowhere! A Carnival “Cruise-To-Nowhere” is the perfect way to getaway for a couple of days. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to sample everything that makes our cruises so great, including: delicious dining options, luxurious spas, exciting entertainment, friendly casinos, duty-free shopping and — of course — superb service. Nobody does Nowhere better than Carnival!

You see, even something without meaning can have meaning.

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