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By Bob | February 28th, 2007

miami-florida.jpgDid you know that Miami is a Spring Break hot spot this year? Neither did I until I received no less than four emails from various travel companies proclaiming it as the place to be during those crazy weeks of beer funnels, bikinis, and debauchery. Sounds thrilling, right?

Even if the college party scene isn’t your cup of tea, Miami is still a killer place to visit. It has easy access to some wonderful beaches, it is the epicenter of Latin culture in the United States, the Cuban restaurants are simply to die for and if you make a wrong turn and end up in the wrong neighborhood you might get caught up in an exciting gun battle like the kind they used to have in Miami Vice. What more could you want from a vacation destination?

Perhaps one of the reasons why the college kids are flocking to Miami this year is that it is very, very reasonable. Travelocity has some Miami vacation packages that are light on the wallet and heavy on the good times.

Just remember to pack your sunscreen, don’t be afraid to try out your Spanish and if you see a wet t-shirt contest run in the opposite direction even if that means heading into one of those Miami Vice shoot-out neighborhoods.

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