Cheap Caribbean Vacations

By Miss Julie | February 16th, 2009

hammockbeach.jpgWith the economy sinking into deeper oblivion and many people dealing with foreclosed homes, lay offs and tightened budgets, there may be some of you out there trying to think of ways to go to the Caribbean for next to nothing. One option is to strap on a pair of infant water wings and let the tide take you out to sea. You could also strap yourself on the back of one of those inflatable alligators. These are both options for the bargain traveler, but they fall well short of fantastic (and cheaper than ever cruises) being offered from many of the biggest cruise lines. CHEAP CARIBBEAN VACATIONS

So, while the idea of floating on an inflatable alligator into shark infested waters off the coast may save you some bucks, your shark eaten leg probably wasn’t worth the couple of hundred bucks you saved. If you would rather fly on an airplane than attempt to jet-pack to your destination, you can also get a deal on cheap airfare, which will get you to started on a vacation that involves cruise ships and catering rather than sharks and floaties.

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