Carnival cruises starting at just $179

By Miss Julie | January 5th, 2009

caribcruise.jpgWith everyone concerned with the faltering economy these days, there are a lot of people looking for ways to getaway for less money. While the national media popularized the idea of staycations,€ I personally don’t think that you can define anything as a vacation if you don’t actually get to go anywhere. That being said, there are some great ways you can still go on a totally fabulous vacation this year without spending an arm and a leg. In fact, Carnival Cruises is offering some great special cruise offers, including 3-day cruises starting at just $179 to the Bahamas. >Special Cruise Offers

With prices that low, you can just forget about trying to break out the kiddie pool in your living room and figuring out creative ways to pretend you are in Bahamas from your living room. Instead, you can book a discounted cruise, get a great travel deal and actually get to spend time in the azure waters of the Caribbean this winter. Plus, when you get back from your real vacation rocking a great tan and a new relaxed attitude you’ll make all your friends real jealous. You won’t even have to tell them about the amazing deal you got on the cruise that made it all possible.

I had always assumed that cruises were expensive ways to travel, but after looking at some of these unbelievable prices I realized that not only are they a luxurious way to spend some time, they are also quite affordable. As you are laying out on deck, soaking up the sun, eating the fabulous food, going on shore excursions and loving the on boat entertainment, you’ll be pretty thrilled you didn’t decide to stay home this winter.

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