Bright Lights, Big Cities, Small Airfares

By Bob | April 30th, 2007

city-life.jpgIt never ceases to amaze how different people in this country live in such different fashion. A person in New York City could go years without ever walking barefooted on grass. A person in a small town in the middle of nowhere could also go years without ordering sushi from a restaurant at 3am. Ours is a big and diverse country and we all go about living in it in our very own way.

AirTran has a deal that is being billed as a way to visit the big US cities. Whether you already live in a major metropolis and just want a change of scenery or if you live in the sticks and are hungry for some big city culture, this is a deal that is right for your budget conscious wallet.

Flights start as low as $44 one way and the deals are good for cities located all over the United States including New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Chicago. Just remember to put your shoes on before coming in to visit the city. You might get some funny looks if you try to walk down main street like you are strolling through a country pasture.

Big City, Small Fare: Fly One-Way From $44+

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