Book a fabulous vacation with your tax refund

By Miss Julie | March 9th, 2009

allinclusiveIf you’ve already gotten your tax refund this year and it’s just burning a hole in your pocket, than now is a great time to use that money the government has given back to you to stimulate the economy and find a great affordable vacation. With travel prices on everything from airfare to hotels lower at decade lows, now is also a great time to find a hot travel deal and make your refund money go even further. Tax Refund = A Much Needed Vacation!
Browse our many money saving deals to take that affordable getaway. Book by 4/15.

For me, an extra check coming my way almost always means finding a great travel deal and booking my next adventure. With so many amazing deals out there in the travel world right now on everything from cheap plane tickets to discounts on rental cars and cheap hotel rooms, even those of us who are cash strapped can afford to find a great vacation within their budget.

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