Book a Disney Cruise and get an Onboard Credit

By Bob | March 7th, 2007

disneycruise.jpgA Disney cruise is certainly not for everyone. If you are the type of person who is scared on adult sized rodents, if you want to stab out your ears when you hear ‘It’s a Small World’, or if you can’t stand to be around families who have children, some of which who might be loud and/or not very well behaved, you should probably look into a different cruise line.

If you do have kids, and I know your children are perfect angels, then a Disney cruise is one option that might be tough to pass up. Their cruises generally allow kids to be kids while also giving adults some time off to have their own fun. They might be a little cheesy and campy, but a little cheese and a little camp is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

If you book yourself on select Disney cruises this very moment, you can receive up to $100 in onboard credit. Think of all the little stuffed rodents you can purchase with that money! Actually, considering the prices on those things you might be able to get a keychain or something, but it is the memories of your family cruise vacation that are really priceless.

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