Blow on Over to Chicago

By Bob | March 16th, 2007

wind_umbrella.jpgWith its location on Lake Michigan and nearly constant air movement you would think that Chicago deserves to be called the Windy City. But did you know that there are a number of cities in the United States that have a higher average wind speed than Chicago’s 10.4 miles per hours?

Casper, Wyo. (12.9 m.p.h.), Boston (12.5), Buffalo (12), Milwaukee (11.6), and Honolulu (11.4) are all windier. Incidentally, America’s windiest city is Blue Hill, Mass., with an average velocity of 15.4 m.p.h. Now you know why people in Blue Hill live in a constant state of bad hair days.

If you like wind than head to Blue Hill, Mass. If you like wind and a city that rocks book your vacation package to Chicago this very second. If you could care less about wind and simply want to go on vacation to a city that is renowned for its music, food, shopping and music than Chicago is also the place for you. If you like going to a city where its sports teams always win than Chicago, well, Chicago is not as windy as Buffalo so enjoy the relatively calm air while you watch the Cubs/Sox/Bears/Fire lose.

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