Belize Family Vacations

By Bob | May 17th, 2007

belize.jpgOne minute you rarely hear about a country, the next it is the darling of the travel world. If your take a bit of time looking at the various travel deals floating around the Web, the odds are good that you will quickly come across something to do with Belize. The Central American country is a hot travel destination this year and it is easy to understand why.

Just a two-hour flight from the continental United States, Belize is an easy-to-reach beach destination. It doesn’t hurt that the country has a good infrastructure and that English is an official language. Throw in some world class diving opportunities, the wonders of Mayan ruins and a plethora of excellent resorts, and the only question is why Belize wasn’t more popular sooner.

While many people who travel there are singles or those on cruise ships, Belize is actively trying to court families to come visit. Among the things that family friendly are:

¢ Hugh Parkley’s Dolphin Experience
¢ The Green Iguana Project
¢ The Belize Zoo
¢ Caving Expeditions

For the best deals on flights and accommodations, check out the BootsnAll Belize Travel Guide.

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