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By Bob | March 16th, 2007

cctv-beijing.jpgWe’re a little over a year away from the 2008 Summer Olympics and by all accounts things are full steam ahead in Beijing, China. You better start training if you have any hope to win the speed walking competition. The Summer Games, along with the booming Chinese economy, is helping to transform Beijing each and every day. Gone are the small little alleys and side streets that were unique to Beijing. In are new, modern buildings, an improved infrastructure and an increasing number of residents living a middle class lifestyle.

Change is the name of the game in all of China. It can be both thrilling and dizzying. It is fun to be among people who are so focused on big dreams for the future. It is sad to see many of the old ways discarded in the pursuit of modernity and money.

Any way you look at it, now is an optimal time to visit China. Witnessing one of the great transformations of our time is something you should not miss. Checking out Beijing through one of these vacation packages should also not be missed. Who knows, a trip to China might also transform you too.

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