April in Paris: Perfect Vacation Package

By Bob | March 26th, 2007

paris-spring.jpgThere might be lovelier places in spring than Paris but I can’t think of many. After the winter gloom departs and the flowers remember that they are supposed to be colorful, Paris comes alive in a way that doesn’t exist the rest of the year. Indeed, springtime is the time for Parisians to enjoy Paris. The tourists aren’t out in big numbers and the city’s many charms are on full display.

Many a person has fallen in love in Paris in the spring and many a couple have rekindled the flames there as well. Something as simple as a coffee at an outdoor café can be a magical experience in the French capital. A walk along the river, a visit to the museums, the food, the wine no wonder Paris is the place that so many of us around the world love to dream about.

April in Paris is a tune that we can all sing. May in Paris has a nice ring to it too. You can travel to Paris this spring with a wonderful 4-night fly and hotel package from United Vacations. The price is right and so is the hotel the Royal Medoc.

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