All-inclusive vacations up to 50% off

By Miss Julie | August 3rd, 2009

allinclusiveI am always a fan of finding great deals, sales and generally saving money. Since I am not a very big fan of giving up the things I love most in life (good food, travel, cute clothes), finding ways to save money on these things means I have more to put away for that next big trip, a new car, ski pass or whatever else my heart may desire down the road. This is exactly why I jumped when I saw that upscale all-inclusive Riu Vacations is now offering 50% off their all-inclusive vacations, with deals starting at just $399 with air. If you book through Cheap Caribbean, you also can get a $100 coupon if it rains at any point during your trip (cash back for rain drops? Where do I sign up?). “Up to 50% Off Riu All-Inclusive Resorts

If Riu resorts don’t fit your needs, there are plenty of other great deals out there to be found on all-inclusive vacation packages – whether it be in the Caribbean or to many other great destinations. According to our friends over at Smarter Travel, there are a ton of all-inclusive resort accommodations on sale right now. According to the article, all-inclusive resorts are joining the big cruise lines in offering up some insane deals for the rest of year – including deals for up to 65% at some resorts.

If you are set on a Caribbean vacation this fall or winter, there is certainly no shortage of deals to be had, whether it be on your cheap hotel or scoring a great deal on your air ticket. Club Med also has an offer right now, with their all-inclusive resorts in Florida, the Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico going for just $99/night. With all the money you save on your flight and accommodation, you may just have some cash left over for a last-minute deal on a getaway before the end of the summer of a few extra souvenirs in your bag.

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