A Mediterranean Mega Ship Cruise

By Bob | February 13th, 2007

carnival-freedom.jpgIf you are looking for a small, intimate cruise through the Mediterranean you probably aren’t the target audience for Carnival Cruise Lines’ newest ship, Carnival Freedom. Billed as a “mega” ship, the Freedom could comfortably fit the population of a small country 2,974 passengers in total. It features 1,487 cabins, a crew of 1,150 and weighs in at a cool 110,000 tons. Small it is not.

The ship makes its maiden voyage in 2007 so you have an opportunity to experience its girth before people start leaving their chewing gum underneath the beds and desks. Why do people do that? Is it so hard to spit your gum overboard? The dolphins will appreciate you for your consideration.

The destination for the Freedom for much of its first year will be the Greek Islands, which is one reason why you might want to forget about booking a spot on a smaller boat and to choose Carnival. Greek Islands cruises are usually on the more spendy side of the spectrum so going with Carnival could make sense. Their prices are also very competitive and will you pull into port next to one of those tiny ships you can look at their passengers and ask them how the weather is down there.

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