45% Sandals Negril Beach

By Miss Julie | December 16th, 2008

As temperatures plummet and the reality of another 4 or so months of winter weather sinks in, you may just need a vacation on the sun to refresh your attitude and give you something to look forward to when it’s snowing at home. With fewer travelers getting out this year, and even fewer projected to travel next year, all-inclusive resorts like Sandals at Negril Beach in Jamaica, are offering great deals. In fact, right now you can save 45% when you book a vacation to the white sand beach, turquoise water Caribbean resort. Get 2 Nights Free plus Save up to 45% at Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa

The Caribbean is not the only place you can find some fantastic Travel Deals right now. In fact, with the peso taking a serious nosedive nest to the U.S. dollar, flights to Mexico and vacations in Mexico have gotten even cheaper lately. Mexico’s proximity to the U.S., also makes it an ideal destination if you are looking to answer the question of Why Go to Mexico?€

If cheap airline tickets and discounted hotels aren’t enough of a reason to get you off your booty and on vacation this winter, then maybe just looking at some photos of Jamaica will help change your mind. A few all-inclusive cocktails later, and I’m sure they will be zero regret for purchasing those tickets.

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