2-for-1 Southwest Vacation Packages

By Bob | February 9th, 2007

2for1.jpgOne of the hardest things about being a road warrior business traveler is leaving a loved one behind. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been on the road so many times that you can hardly even remember your significant other’s name. When in doubt just call him or her “sweetie”. It is universally accepted.

Another thing that is widely appreciated is taking your loved one with you on the road whether for business or for pleasure. Spending time on an airplane and in a hotel room can help you remember why you fell in love in the first place and it might even help you remember his or her name. It can brighten an otherwise dull business trip and it can do you both a world of good to get a change of scenery.

Southwest Airlines has a nifty little two-for-one vacation package deal that seems perfect for business travelers or those who just want to have a quick escape away from home. For the price of one traveler you can get a flight and a hotel night stay for two people if you visit Albuquerque, Phoenix, Chicago or Nashville. You must book your tickets by February 18, 2007 for travel February 16 – April 30, 2007.

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