2-for-1 Deal on Denali National Park Tours

By Bob | February 14th, 2007

denali.jpgYou might want to bring along some extra oxygen because Denali National Park in Alaska could very well take your breath away. The signature park of the Last Frontier, Denali is a sight to behold. It is a playground for animals like bears and caribou, while also serving as a playground for animals of a different sort, humans. It is the home of the tallest mountain in North America Mt. McKinley. It is 6.2 million acres of some of the most unspoiled and spectacular land on this planet.

Even if you spent a lifetime in Alaska you wouldn’t be able to see all that Denali has to offer, but if you do want to see a lot there is no easier way than to go on a day-long tour. Let the experts shepherd you along and explain the rich geography and history that has shaped the landscape of this great American monument.

Alaska Airlines has some very enticing deals to Alaska. If you book a flight or vacation package to Alaska this summer you can get a 2-for-1 Tundra Wilderness Tour in Denali National park. You may also be eligible for a free Kenail Fjords National Park day cruise and for all kinds of mileage and discounts benefits.

Just remember to breath while you are there.

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