Family Cruises the Best Choice for a Fun Vacation

By Cristina Puscas | October 23rd, 2009

cruise-pacificPicture this: you and the kids in the family car. Long drive many potty and snack breaks. You aren’t even halfway into the journey and you feel like you want to get back home. Sounds familiar? Then, choose to actually have fun on your vacation. How? Look for Family Cruises.

Where are we heading to?

Well, anywhere a cruise would take you. Family vacations are not limited to spending time at Disneyland nor are family cruises aimed at keeping the kids busy while the parents get a nice break from everything. Both are excellent opportunities to actively teach your children things they might otherwise learn only from books. There’s nothing like telling the kids about Pharaohs while visiting the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

The best part of family cruises is that the kids don’t get bored while at sea either. There are game rooms and activities for them. And if the parents do want to have a relaxing dinner, there is a babysitting service available.

The prices start at $229 per adult for a 4 night Caribbean cruise. And if you hurry up, there are still quite a lot of departure dates available for this year. Remember though that you’ll also have to book the flight to Florida as it’s not included in the cruise price. Most cruise lines set sail in Florida.

How about river cruises?

The river cruises offer a totally different experience than the ocean cruises. There are such cruises on all continents but some of the most beautiful views and interesting cities are along the European rivers. The European river cruises are often expensive because they include the flight to the port of departure. You can also book cruises without the flight included and, of course, the next thing you need to do is book a cheap flight to Europe .

Staying close to home

If you don’t plan to burn a whole in your wallet, there’s always the possibility to stay close to home. Here is a list of bargain hotels suitable for families. Amazingly (or not), all of them are close to theme parks. Don’t forget to book your cheap flight along with the hotel.

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