Fairfield Inn Offers Affordable Comfort

By Cristina Puscas | December 23rd, 2009

heartEven the most dedicated budget traveler wants a vacation when comfort is of utmost importance. Seriously, when you get tired of staying in cheap hotels, cooking the meals or finding cheap street food and you just cannot take another second in a bus, you know it’s time to look for a bit of luxury. Fairfield Inn. Affordable Comfort. Book now.

You can find the inns in countries all over the world. And all provide free and hot breakfast (with healthy choices!) and free wi-fi in all rooms and lobby. Paris for Valentine’s Day? No problem! Rates start at ‚ 129 per night and you’ll be staying quite close to the city center. A short shopping spree in London? Sure, for £104.25 per night you’ll have the comfort you need and stay close to the city center.

Valentine’s Day in Eastern Europe

No, nothing hit me in the head and I’m not delusional either. But I’ve come across a very interesting place for a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend. Bed prices start at ‚ 10 per night and their offer for 4 nights (Feb 14-18) for two persons is just ‚ 72. And there isn’t any catch to it either. Why so cheap? Because the accommodation is in Busteni (Romania), which happens to be one of the cheap ski resorts in Europe . You do need to take into account the flight to Europe though.

Tip: fly into either Budapest (Hungary) or Bucharest (Romania) and take the train to Busteni. Driving is not a bad idea but the road can be icy and extremely crowded, especially during the weekends.

Youth tours in Greece

You probably are used to youth hostel imposing an age limit for their guests, but there are also tours dedicated to those between 18 and 35. Such a tour features 5 days in Greece and visits Athens, Olympia and Delphi. Rates start at $765pp (no air) for the April 25, 2010 departure. Accommodation (3 nights), meals and sightseeing is included in the price. If you decide to book the flight to Athens with them your companion flies for free (but you need to book by Jan 12, 2010).

Late April is definitely a nice time to visit Greece. The weather is warm and the crowds haven’t arrived yet. However, if you want to plan the vacation on your own, you will have some nasty surprises when it comes to using the ferries. The summer schedule starts in June and in spring there aren’t many connections between the islands. Your best bet is to stick with visiting Athens, Meteora and Thessaloniki. A weekend in Athens is quite enough to discover the most important landmarks of the city. Likewise, a weekend in Thessaloniki will allow you to check out not only the city’s sights but also some nice places near-by.

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