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By Cristina Puscas | December 9th, 2009

airplane-from-belowSince many of us are contemplating the idea of not giving Christmas gifts and cutting the expenses to a minimum, it’s hard to even think of planning a vacation right now. But why not? When the fares are excellent and there’s the opportunity to travel, what else is there to do than enjoy what life is offering you? bmi Special Offers.
View our special offers now. Low fares on many routes worldwide. Book now for competitive fares.

bmi offers special rates for flights to Europe, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Asia and UK domestic. And the return fares are great. For example you can fly from London Heathrow to Brussels for only £56.60.

Once you’ve got the flight planned, don’t forget to book the hotel or hostel . Of course, there are plenty of special offers available, regardless of where you are heading to. This is one of the direct results of the economic crisis: hoteliers were forced to cut the prices in order to keep the hotels full and the tourists coming.

Flying from the States

Don’t worry if you are in the States and want to travel. There’s cheap international airfare from the US available as well and you can travel anywhere: Europe, Asia, and even the Caribbean. You can even fly into a major European hub, such as London and then use a special offer or low-cost carrier to travel to another city in Europe or even another part of the world.

During the entire month of December you can still find Christmas markets open all over the European cities. The experience is unique and you’ll definitely see Christmas from another point of view. Vienna and Prague are traditional destinations for those who want to enjoy the festive month, but did you know there is an interesting Christmas market in Budapest as well? And did you know that there are markets in many Romanian towns? Visiting Eastern Europe at this time of the year is an excellent choice if you want to save money and enjoy the traditional Christmas; for this I suggest staying in traditional rural housing, not heading to the popular ski resorts. You’ll enjoy the carols, the traditional customs related to preparing the food and the colorful dances.

What if you want to fly to an exotic destination? Bangkok flight deals are excellent now and you’ll land in a beautiful country and enjoy great weather. If you ask me, when you fly from a city where the snow is already setting and land in a warm, tropical country, you’ll forget about the jetlag and how the flight was and all you want to do is enjoy being in such a location. Of course, do remember to also book the hotel in Bangkok before you leave. The city is a preferred destination for backpackers so you’ll be surprised to find that if your budget allows for some splurges, you can afford quite luxurious accommodation.

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